Golder's Excess Soil Management Team

Ontario’s On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation (O. Reg. 406/19) is finally here. Do you have questions or concerns about the new legislation and how it may impact your projects? Reach out to one of our Excess Soil team members to learn more.
Christi Groves
Senior Environmental Specialist

Christi Groves is a Senior Environmental Specialist with over 20 years of environmental consulting experience specializing in contamination characterization, groundwater and soil investigations, and site remediation. Christi has completed numerous Phase I and II ESAs as well as supervised and managed the remediation of several more commercial and industrially zoned properties. She has been responsible for the management and coordination of numerous environmental subsurface investigations and subsequent soil and groundwater remediation programs. Christi is part of the new O.Reg. 406/19 team at Golder and is knowledgeable with the requirements of this regulation.
Brian Whiffin
Senior Environmental Engineer

Brian Whiffin is a Senior Environmental Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in site characterization, remediation, brownfield, and waste management projects. He is a Qualified Person under Ontario Regulation 153/04.
Carl Schroeder
Senior Environmental Engineer

Carl Schroeder is a Senior Environmental Engineer with over 20 years of experience as an environmental consultant with Golder. Carl is a Qualified Person under O.Reg. 153/04 and has assisted numerous clients with Environmental Site Assessments and site remediation for general due diligence and in support of Record of Site Conditions in this role. As a generalist environmental engineer, over the course of his career Carl has undertaken or managed hundreds of environmental projects for large and small clients, including the provision of strategic, regulatory, and practical advice to clients on managing their environmental risk relating to property transactions, management of excess soil material, demolition, decommissioning and infrastructure (culvert) management.
Ryan Smith, P.Eng.
Associate, Professional Engineer

Ryan Smith is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience, and an Associate. Over the course of his career Ryan has managed hundreds of environmental site assessments, remediation projects, risk assessments and other environmental management programs, serving a diverse range of sectors, but with a particular focus on real estate and land development. Trusted by clients for strategic and practical advice, Ryan is also recognized for his expertise on O.Reg. 153/04 and is the Qualified Person of record for dozens of successful Records of Site Condition. He is now bringing that expertise to the area of Excess Soil and the implementation of O.Reg. 406/19.
Denise Lacchin
Senior Environmental Engineer

Denise Lacchin is a Senior Environmental Engineer with over 28 years of experience providing brownfield redevelopment strategies and solutions in Ontario. She has successfully worked with clients assessing environmental impacts on numerous sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, inorganics and metals, chlorinated solvents and low-level radioactive waste and developing strategies for remediation that complements their redevelopment objectives. Her experience as a Qualified Person in Ontario and as an Environmental Professional for Site Assessment and Reclamation includes developing soil management plans, implementing soil management best practices and tracking systems, and using risk-based approaches for large brownfield/infrastructure sites in accordance with Ontario Regulation 153/04 and now the new On-Site and Excess Soil Management Ontario Regulation 406/19.
Keith Holmes, P.Geo.
Associate, Senior Geoscientist

Keith Holmes is an Associate and Senior Geoscientist with over 19 years of experience in the assessment and characterization of contaminated sites, development of conceptual site models, hydrogeological investigations, risk evaluation, remediation design, engineering specifications and contact administration of contaminated site remediation projects. Keith is responsible for planning, management, technical analysis of environmental engineering projects in Canada and internationally including multi-disciplinary and multi-year projects. He is involved in the management and technical analysis of a variety of brownfield redevelopment projects, including large multi-disciplinary project teams that cover many technical disciplines. 
Paul Hurst
Associate, Senior Environmental Engineer

Paul Hurst is an Associate and Senior Environmental Engineer with 15 years of experience in the contaminated sites investigation and remediation industry. He is responsible for project management, design, and execution of environmental site assessment (ESA) and remediation projects, including: 2D and 3D conceptual site model development, high resolution site characterization using MIP/LIF, remedial options evaluation/planning/implementation, groundwater pump and treatment system design, groundwater remediation pilot scale design and implementation, in-situ remediation by zero-valent iron injection and multi-phase extraction. Paul is a Golder Subject Matter Expert for Vapour Instruction and is a lead designer of active and passive sub-slab depressurization (SSD) systems. Paul is a Qualified Person under O.Reg. 153/04 and has obtained multiple Record of Site Conditions based on Phase I, Phase II as well as Risk Assessments in this role.
Eric Hood
Associate, Senior Engineer

Eric Hood is an Associate and Senior Engineer with over 27 years of experience, focused on the evaluation, design and implementation of remediation strategies for brownfield and former industrial sites, including six years of applied research experience evaluating in-situ groundwater remediation technologies for chlorinated volatile organic contaminants. He has extensive expertise in site assessment, including geochemical monitoring programs, risk assessments, hydrogeological studies, groundwater modelling, data management systems, natural attenuation studies, and vapour intrusion assessments. He is a Qualified Person as defined by O.Reg. 153/04. His practice includes excess soil advisory services, such as excess soil characterization, the development of site-specific soil management plans, permitting excess soil disposal sites, ongoing operational support for excess soil disposal sites, regulatory interaction, advisory services to municipal excess soil regulators, and expert advisory services in support of litigation.
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