UK Regulatory Software by Golder

The Environmental Agency turned to Golder’s expertise in early 2000 to develop four different tools to support simulation, analysis and permit applications related to waste, contaminated land, landfill gas and landfill leachate production. 

Golder provides structured training, helpdesk, and sales support for these tools, and utilises them in our own assessments.

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Benefits at a glance
 A user community of more than 1000 people worldwide
 Improve communication between the various stakeholders
Enhanced data analysis and modelling to assist in risk assessments
Technical support available for all licensed users
Simplified decision making

We're here to help

Golder has been operating in the UK since 1973, when we designed the country’s first landfill built to international standards. Whether waste, water, regulatory compliance, remediation, or environmental engineering, we can help maximise your opportunities. 
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