Meet Our Key Team Members
Our experienced multidisciplinary team and integrated approach can help you safely navigate technical, legal, regulatory, and public perception to achieve sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Reach out to one of our key Coastal, Ports and Marine specialists. They are supported by a broad technical team, with a diverse range of skills and expertise.
Helen Jenkins
Senior Marine Structural Engineer

Helen Jenkins, P.Eng., is a Senior Marine Structural Engineer at Golder. She has over 30 years of experience specializing in marine structures and bridges. Her project management experience spans the globe and includes numerous structural projects from inception, through the design process and into construction. Helen has been published by and presented at many international marine technical conferences. She championed the creation of the Canadian Chapter of PIANC, The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, to support the spread of good practices within the Canadian Maritime Industry.
Keyvan Mahlujy
Senior Coastal Engineer

Keyvan Mahlujy, M.Sc., P.Eng., is a Senior Coastal Engineer at Golder. He has over 25 years of experience in coastal aspects of port and terminal design, throughout all stages of the project lifecycle. Keyvan has specialist expertise in evaluation and design of coastal structures including breakwaters, causeways and revetments; and coastal numerical modelling including met-ocean studies, dynamic mooring analysis and berth downtime assessment. He has acted as design engineer, coastal lead, engineering manager and project manager for development of coastal structures and port facilities around the world.
Jan Matthé
Senior Port Engineer

Jan Matthé, P.Eng., is a Senior Port Engineer at Golder. He has over 28 years of experience in marine construction, coastal and ports engineering. He has led multidisciplinary design teams from pre-feasibility and site selection, through detailed design and construction. Project experience includes marine structural engineering, asset management, coastal engineering, dredging, bulk handling and heavy haul rail.
Phil Osborne
Senior Coastal Geomorphologist and Practice Leader

Phil Osborne, PhD, P.Geo, is a Senior Coastal Geomorphologist and Senior Practice Leader at Golder. Phil leads Golder’s global Coastal, Ports and Marine Engineering Technical Community, and provides strategic and technical leadership for a wide range of services in coastal, estuarine, and fluvial environments. He has led multiple nature-based shore protection and marine habitat restoration projects, applying geomorphological, ecological, and engineering principles.
Sundar Prasad
Senior Coastal and Metocean Specialist

Sundar Prasad, Ph.D., is a Senior Coastal and Metocean Specialist at Golder. He has 26 years of global experience in metocean studies, development of metocean design criteria, ship motions and dynamic mooring analysis, port siting, navigation simulations, and berth availability assessments. Dr. Prasad is presently a contributor to PIANC, The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Working Group (WG212) whose mandate is to update existing guidance on the “Criteria for Acceptable Movement of Ships at Berths”.
Phil Rouget
Senior Marine Biologist

Phil Rouget, MSc, RPBio, is a Senior Marine Biologist with over 20 years of experience in marine ecology and environmental impact assessment (EIA). He specializes in evaluating industrial impacts on marine mammals and fish across a variety of sectors, including ports and harbours, marine construction, oil and gas, renewable energy, marine shipping and military. He has served as marine technical lead on federal and international EIAs, providing strategic advice on industry best practice and mitigation planning for complex marine development projects.
Roxanne Scott
Senior Social Scientist

Roxanne Scott, MPA, MEd, is a Senior Social Scientist and trained social due diligence and compliance auditor. She has over 20 years of international experience leading socio-economic assessments, social due diligence and compliance audits, and social performance monitoring to support project financing risk management, disclosure and sustainable project development. Her work supports the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, gender-based analysis, and consideration of Indigenous Peoples and vulnerable groups in projects and auditing processes.
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At Golder, we understand the challenges involved in port projects. Learn how our team members support natural resources asset owners and operators throughout the port lifecycle.